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SRS Deliverables




D1.1a Detailed user requirements, environment definition, general guidelines on ethical concerns and SRS scenario report Public Download
D1.2a Report on Technology assessments (task 1.3) Public Download
D1.3a SRS specification Public Download
D1.4.2 Requirement specification of future remotely control service robot for home care (final) Public Download
D2.1 Interim Report on Definition of Privacy Policy, Requirements
Usability Studies Based on Specific Needs of Elderly
Public Download
D2.2 Conceptual HRI Design, Usability Testing, HRI Interaction Patterns, and HRI Principles for Remotely Controlled Service Robots (Final) Public Download
D2.3 Methodology of safe HRI Public Download
D3.1 Report on methodology of cognitive interpretation, learning and decision making Public Download
D4.1.2 Integrated report about SRS control programme and safety assurance Public Download
D4.5.2 Context-aware Virtual 3D Display Public Download
D4.6.2 Shape-based object detection and reconstruction Public Download
D5.1 SRS UI_PRI, UI_LOC and core system implemented Public Download
D6.1.1 Validation of the concept, testing site preparation and protocol development – interim report Public Download
D6.1.3 Testing site preparation and protocol development Public Download
D6.2 SRS user validation - results Public Download
D6.3 SRS Ethical and Cost-effectiveness Public Download
D7.2.1 Report on raising public participation (Interim) Public Download
D7.2.2 Report on raising public participation (Final) Public Download
D7.3 Technology Exploitation Plan Public Download
D8.1 Project presentation; web first version available to all partners Public Download
D8.6.1 IP Manager's Report Y1 Public Download
D8.6.2 IP Manager's Report Y2 Public Download
D8.6.3 IP Manager's Report Y3 Public Download
Others SRS Restricted Deliverables Restricted Password required