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Situation monitoring scenario

The scenario allows authorised caregivers or family members to 'virtually' enter an elderly persons home using the Care-o-bot, checking around the house and carrying out a 'natural visit' as if they were actually present in the house.

This particular scenario mainly focuses on :
  • Social inclusion and connecting people
  • The innovative managing of monitoring the domestic environment
  • Respecting privacy as much as possible/ attention to the needs of privacy

Testing environments

testing environment

As part of the evaluation and validation of the SRS system a testing environment is needed. However, there is no such thing as a typical "elderly persons home" instead we have rough categories like “old houses” or “new houses”, “city flats” or “country houses”, “one floor apartments”, or “multi level villas” or again “rented tenements”.

So the SRS project will use environments that are representative of an elderly persons apartment at the Ingema IZA Care Center in San Sebastián and Santa Maria Nascente of Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation in Milan.

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