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SRS Home Tests

The SRS project has carried out its first set of user tests in a real-world home environment at the home of an elderly couple living near Stuttgart, Germany (pictured on the right). Nicely mimicking the expected usage pattern of the SRS system, where children living a long distance from their parents use SRS to interact with and help their parents.

In addition to obtaining important feedback from potential elderly SRS end-users the test was also an opportunity to identify any technical problems that happen when the Care-o-Bot robot operates within a real home environment.

fetch and carry

The real-world testing process took approximately 1 ½ days which including setting up and removing the robot and equipment. In total there were two test trials conducted with the elderly users, one of which involved the participation of a remote operator.

SRS robot in real kitchen
Fetching box of medication

In order to facilitate the evaluation process two interviewers attended the testing to help gather feedback from the participants as they performed the tests. During this testing activity two usage scenarios were examined:
Scenario 1: An elderly person is sitting on a couch in the living room and uses a handheld interaction device to make the robot fetch a book from a shelf in the dining room. However, in a pre-planned incident, the robot will fail in its execution of the delivery task because a strategically placed stool will hinder appropriate path planning for delivering the object to the user. Therefore, a remote operator (located in another apartment) will be called and they will remotely navigate the robot so as to deliver the book.

Scenario 2: An elderly person is in their bed and using a handheld interactive device the robot is called to fetched a box of medication from the kitchen window sill where it had been placed.