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SRS User Interface Tests

emergency As well as testing the SRS Care-o-Bot, tests have been conducted into several of the SRS interfaces. Specifically the Android smartphone and Apple iPad user interfaces. These tests were performed in order to help determine the initial "feelings" of both the elderly people and the family member when using the corresponding SRS interface.

The elderly users got the robot to fetch milk for them using the Android based smartphone interface. In addition to this testing with elderly people and family members, testing has also been undertaken with students to view their perceptions of the interfaces.

The testing and evaluation work will contiute with a even more complex set of tests to be performed in an apartment located in Milan, and will specifically focus on the effectiveness, usability and acceptability of the whole prototype in an advanced stage of development.

Evaluation will be related to the major user requirements determined by the SRS project, and especially on the improvements in ADL performance through the execution of real-life scenarios experienced by real users.

fetch and carry