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SRS Manipulation Tests

Recently the first SRS evaluation trials with real users took place the IZA centre in San Sebastian, Spain (which is a care home for elderly people and a residential care center for people of all ages with severe physical impairments).

During these evaluation trials two scenarios were examined: SRS Manipulation test scenario: Where a robotic arm simulating the Care-o-Bot 3 arm grasps an object that is near an elderly person in order to evaluate how they react to having a robot arm operating in close proximity. In addition to this the SRS professional operator interface for robot visualization was tested by performed a grasping task.

fetch and carry

The main aim of the manipulation and visualization tests that took place in San Sebastian are to examine and determine the main peculiarities of the robotic arm with real users (elderly and potential professional remote operators), and to study the effectiveness, usability and user acceptance of its arm/manipulation. The experimental objectives of the tests were:

  • Determine the accuracy and efficiency of the robotic arm manipulator in performing tasks (selected from scenarios).
  • Evaluate the feedback provided to the professional operators through the visualization system of the UI-PRO device during tasks executions.
  • Collect data about users’ subjective perception on the robotic arm and on tasks based on arm manipulation. Because of their peculiar appearance and technological restrictions, current robotic arms like those used within the SRS project could evoke a peculiar response in elderly users. By combining quantitative and qualitative responses to robotic arm movements with feedback-visualization, we expect to gain knowledge on how to improve elderly user-robot interactions based on robotic arm manipulation.
  • Collect data about user acceptance and will to use the technology (both elderly and potential professional remote operators).