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Testing environments

testing environment

As part of the evaluation and validation of the SRS system a testing environment is needed. However, there is no such thing as a typical "elderly persons home" instead we have rough categories like “old houses” or “new houses”, “city flats” or “country houses”, “one floor apartments”, or “multi level villas” or again “rented tenements”.

So the SRS project will use environments that are representative of an elderly persons apartment at the Ingema IZA Care Center in San Sebastián and Santa Maria Nascente of Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation in Milan.

In order to start designing user test environments, it has to be considered that the user target population is mainly composed mainly of frail elderly people. They are people that at have an increased risk of falls, or they could have other delicate health situations such as heart diseases, vision problems...

The choice of selecting two particular home like-testing sites located in two geriatric hospitals, would allow the possibility to transport these frail user test participants into the testing sites in a safe way and manage any problems that could happen during tests. The R&D departments of Ingema and FDGCO will assume responsibility for the design and implementation of the home environment test sites to ensure that developed prototypes will be tested under controlled and safe conditions even for persons with disabilities. Also it would not be advisable to make tests in the private homes of each elderly person without compromising his or her privacy and without raising some potential ethical issues.

Testing site
FDGCO test site 1
Testing site
FDGCO test site 2
Testing site
FDGCO test site 3
Testing site
FDGCO test site 4