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Fetch and carry scenario

Fetching and carrying objects around the home is one of the most common tasks of everyday living. However, for people with mobility difficulties due, for example, to arthritis, Parkinson's or other common diseases of old age, this everyday task often becomes a chore - particularly with heavy or difficult to reach objects. Even for people without these problems a short illness such as fracture could confine them to bed and make fetching and carrying a problem.

The SRS system will develop new interface and reasoning technologies to enable the Care-o-bot to be controlled remotely by a relative or care professional to help with fetch and carry tasks for an elderly person.

fetch and carry

This particular scenario will mainly focus on :

  • The basic fetch and bring function of the robot using its robotic arm in the home environment
  • The remote control done by a family member
  • The human robot interaction from a desktop station
  • The telecommunication option
  • The teaching function
reaching for high objects
High-up objects are a major problem

During scenario validation with the elderly, their relatives and professional cares a robotic solution for help in fetching and carrying was quite well accepted, even if not considered essential for all the fetch and carry tasks. Carrying heavy objects and reaching and fetching objects scored high or very high among elderly interviewed. However, just fetching objects located in another room was not considered a primary function, except for temporary illnesses or immobilization. The elderly themselves and their relatives agreed that if someone needs such a strong effort it could mean that this person is no more able to live independently.

SRS scenario "simulation" movies

fetch and bring
Fetch and bring
fetch a book
Fetch a book