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Situation monitoring scenario

The scenario allows authorised caregivers or family members to 'virtually' enter an elderly persons home using the Care-o-bot, checking around the house and carrying out a 'natural visit' as if they were actually present in the house.

This particular scenario mainly focuses on :
  • Social inclusion and connecting people
  • The innovative managing of monitoring the domestic environment
  • Respecting privacy as much as possible/ attention to the needs of privacy

During scenario validation activity with the elderly, their relatives and professional carers “Monitoring the situation” was one of the best evaluated scenarios. This together with the "Emergency help" results confirmed indirectly that home safety aspects are considered the most important issue by all the actors involved, since these two scenarios were those linked to safety. Elderly participantsare are particularly concerned with accidents at home as a particular risk situation for their health and, in general, for their independent living. Relatives and health professionals are also concerned about the different kind of risks of independent living in frailty situations, pointing that too often the elderly are alone and that family and friends cannot always offer an immediate help.