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Emergency help scenario

emergency Emergency situations are always a concern to the elderly living alone and their families. Current ways to deal with this include emergency buttons that inform a professional tele-care centre who call the emergency services.

The SRS system will develop new technologies to enable the Care-o-bot to be used by the care professional (and family members) to monitor the elderly person remotely during an emergency using a video call. In addition to this the care worker, using the robot, will be able to assist paramedics in gaining access to the elderly persons home by opening the door.

This particular scenario mainly focused on :

  • The innovative managing of an emergency situation
  • The immediate possibility to check the severity of the situation
  • The psychological support due to the immediate joint intervention/contact with a family member and the 24 hour call center operator
  • The physical support (e.g. opening door function of the robot to rescuers)
mobility problems
Mobility issues can cause falls

During scenario validation with the elderly, their relatives and professional carers “Emergency intervention” was one of the best evaluated scenarios. The results confirmed indirectly that home safety is considered the most important issue by all the actors involved. Elderly participants were particularly concerned with falling at home as a particular risk situation for their health and, in general, for their independent living. This situation is illustrated by the use of a variety of coping strategies, including various alarm devices and social support. Relatives and health professionals are also concerned about the different kind of risks of independent living in frailty situations, pointing that too often the elderly are alone and that family and friends cannot always offer an immediate help.

SRS scenario "simulation" movie

emergency situation
Emergency situation scenario