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SRS press conference, Milan, 4 May 2012

In the first week of May, several representatives of the SRS ”Multi–role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living” Consortium met in Milano to implement and test a first prototype of the SRS robot within the Smart Home laboratory of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation. As part of this event, a Press Conference was held which gave an insight into the main results achieved by the project so far and of the expected developments. Attendees included newspapers such as La Repubblica (Milano), TV stations including TG1 and TG3, magazines such as Panorama and Italian radio stations that included Radio Rai 1. SRS press conference
SRS press conference

List of attendees:

News Agencies

regional Ansa
regional Ansa regionale
National Ansa
Adnkronos Salute
Redattore Sociale
Asca - view Asca online article (in Italian)
Il Velino - view Il Velino online article (in Italian)


Il Giorno - view I1 Giorno article (in Italian)
Il Giornale
Cinque Giorni
La Repubblica ed. Milano - view La Repubblica Milano online article (in Italian)

Weekly journals

Lombardia Oggi

Web - view La Repubblica Milano online article (in Italian) - view online article (in Italian)


Radio Inblu
Radio 101
Radio Rai 1 - GR1
Radio Panda


TG3 Lombardia (in Italian)
Tg 7Gold (in Italian)

Tg TV2000 (in Italian)
Tg TeleLombardia (in Italian)
Tg1 Doctor (in Italian)