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elderly care

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News about elder care. Commentary and archival information about elder care from The New York Times.
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Too Old for Sex? Not at This Nursing Home

Tue, 2016-07-12 11:00
Recognizing that some residents have intimate relationships well into their 70s and 80s, the Hebrew Home at Riverdale now offers a happy hour, a senior prom and a dating service.
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Home Care Workers Can Finally Claim Victory

Sat, 2016-07-02 21:24
After four decades, the law of the land is that these employees have the same basic labor protections as other employees.
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Can You Keep a Woman From Courting Your Elderly Dad?

Wed, 2016-06-22 13:00
The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to prevent a father’s late-in-life romance and whether it’s O.K. to leave your hearing aids at home during a job interview.
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Memos Imply That City Hall Knew of Nursing Home Deal

Sat, 2016-06-11 04:04
The de Blasio administration has claimed for months that top officials knew nothing about deed restrictions lifted on a nursing home, but documents obtained by The New York Times indicate otherwise.
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Who May Die? California Patients and Doctors Wrestle With Assisted Suicide

Thu, 2016-06-09 15:33
As the state begins to allow what has come to be known as aid in dying, two patients and two doctors explain how it will affect them and how they are preparing for the changes.
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Finding Ways to Keep Patients at Home

Thu, 2016-06-09 13:00
My patient dutifully completed an advanced directive, but that piece of paper didn’t help her to live out her final months with the comfort and dignity that she deserved.
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Dennis McCullough, Pioneer of ‘Slow Medicine’ in End-of-Life Care, Dies at 72

Thu, 2016-06-09 00:58
Mr. McCullough’s movement, which advocates palliative care over invasive regimens for older patients, has been increasingly available in nursing homes.
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How a Vague Hunch Led From a Nursing Home to an Island of Mass Graves

Wed, 2016-06-08 18:49
Nina Bernstein, a Metro reporter, followed a complex web of records to track down wards of court-appointed guardians who ended up buried on Hart Island.
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New York Attorney General Seeks to Halt Sale of 2 Nursing Homes Amid Inquiries

Mon, 2016-06-06 21:15
The office of Eric T. Schneiderman said it was objecting to the sale of two centers to the Allure Group, citing “misrepresentations” by the company.
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Aging Japanese Women Find a Resigned Solace in South Korea

Mon, 2016-06-06 01:58
As their numbers dwindle, the residents of Nazarewon, a South Korean nursing home for Japanese women, are reminders of the combative history between the neighboring countries.
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